Vision is our stance and beliefs, is a concept in mind, it is our vision for the future of enterprise. Is "what are we going to represent", "we want to be what kind of enterprise" the persistence of answer and commitment, it constantly forge ahead, inspires us strive upward.


Mission is our philosophy to the production and operation, also is the people often said that the management idea. Henglian mission is to become a professional, influential cable manufacturer, this to our established a management guiding ideology, basic principle and direction. Philosophy position, it is not a company specific strategic targets, or exist in the abstract, may not be presented as text, but it affect our decision making and thinking deeply. The middle contains enterprise management mode, the values highlighted, image positioning, and how to view and evaluate the market, customers, employees, partners, competitors and so on a series of problems.


Wuxi henglian electronic technology co., LTD. Always remember that one cannot bear the social responsibility of the enterprise out of the question with leadership. We firmly believe that in order to create a better future, you must present environment and protective measures. The success of an enterprise is not only measured by its solution and the quality of the products, also depends on the how to support and protect the environment of the area. Company has been actively advocating green environmental protection idea, comply with the current environmental law, through pollution prevention and continuous improvement to protect our natural environment, make the company become a model of cable enterprise environmental protection. We always keep in mind the idea, any action must conform to the most stringent international standards of quality and sustainability. According to this concept, henglian electronic technology co., LTD. Has a reliable management system certification, ensure product manufacturing and distribution processes consistently superior quality.