Recently, the wire and cable industry 2015 press conference held in Beijing. In 2015, in phase change of the wire and cable industry blustery, news events emerge in endlessly, from the enterprise to the state department, from the production and sales to purchase comprador, from government oversight to self-discipline, from technological innovation to the overseas layout has reached a new height.

Look from the news inventory industry development. Wire and cable industry in 2015 top ten news are: "China's wire and cable market quality white paper" officially released; HOSN/hon ChengHong fascinating exhibition at the American cable; "Internet +", to borrow business treasure into electrician electrical B2B; Chinese cable companies succeed again deal with Australia's anti-dumping investigation; Oriental cable (603606, shares) the first china-made 220 kv1600mm2 photoelectric composite submarine cable successful delivery; Quality supervision, inspection and quarantine jointly with the department of three power grid equipment materials quality supervision action; "Aluminum alloy cable design and procurement manual starting and print ceremony held in Beijing; Jiangsu optical cable chamber of commerce issued self-discipline and supervisory work, the white paper; China price association cable prices branch opening in Beijing; Cable leading lawsuit to industry associations wisdom energy (600869, shares) "family" claims 49.99 million yuan.
Source: international business