In recent years, China's wire and cable industry get rapid development, control cable is China's wire and cable industry development direction.

In wire and cable industry, the state-owned enterprises have not dominant in the industry. According to 1 - in November 2005, private and foreign capital enterprises in wire and cable industry output value of the share to distinguish between 28% and 26%. Come from, you can see that foreign investment enterprises and private enterprises has been dominant in the industry.
Because all industry concentration degree is not high, and product skills content is low, price competition has become the main competition tactics. Because many users have the mind of the fair price products, small businesses have given a vicious price competition is a direct result of a large number of pretending and shoddy goods, small enterprises to reduce costs at the end of a false, wire and cable market pretend and inferior phenomenon is serious, there is no doubt that the consequences of low-price competition is also derived.
Guangdong, zhejiang, jiangsu is the focus of the electric wire electric cable consumption enterprises in our country, three provinces, the three provinces total amount exceeds the 50% of the total number of the country. The other three provinces, Shanghai, hebei, shandong and liaoning province wire and cable companies more.
Industry change of product structure. Proportion of enameled wire, electrical equipment with wire and cable. Power cable, communication cable ratio increased, the change of with loses power and communications industry in China in the 90 s, power cables, overhead lines and communication cable about large demand, measure in the future this trend will continue.
Wire and cable industry in China is still a long way to go, believe that under the support of government policy, control cable lead wire and cable industry will usher in a new spring.