In recent years, with the rapid development of national economy, special cable demand sharp growth. Shipbuilding, railways, aircraft, aerospace, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy and nuclear power industries such as the demand of special cable increases year by year. Due to the expansion of the market capacity, special cable also ushered in the good development opportunity: oil drilling rig annual demand of more than 15000 km; High-speed rail demand more than 37300 km... And such as railway signal cable, Marine cable, car wire, mine cable, special cable, such as plane cable more rising at an annual rate of tens of thousands of kilometers.

Compared with ordinary cables, special cables industry competition is more orderly and prospects are wider, because of the special cable completely different cable, need for specific purposes in specific situations, required high temperature resistant, resistant to acid and alkali, termite resistance, corrosion resistance and radiation resistance. All in all, high technical content, application field of new, high barriers to entry, also promotes the development of enterprises and improve.
National advocacy of energy conservation and emissions reduction, green development, also provided special cable with new development opportunity. Such as the national smart grid construction, to arguments from planning, implement step by step, every step is inseparable from the special cable. The urban and rural power grids transform large area, the application of high-pressure extra-high voltage cable, new energy power station construction, and other emerging areas of special requirements, also for the special cable industry has injected vitality of booming development.
More international market opportunities
Domestic demand increase gradually, for special cable industry has brought the huge market. And with the international market, giving special cable industry unprecedented opportunities. With China's accession to the WTO and became the world factory, the domestic economy and the gradual faster convergence with the world. Special cable enterprise vision also from domestic to international.
Due to the European and American countries special cable development started as early as more than half a century in our country, both on the experience and technology, in a relatively leading position. But China's special cable pursuing footsteps also very quickly, like military special shielded cables, aerospace with silane crosslinking wire and cable, high temperature and high power transmission cable, etc., are now has got rid of the foreign technology monopoly. "In terms of purpose and structure of special cable, Europe and the United States and China may have the gap, but in the high temperature resistant, green environmental protection as well as functional cable insulation, we already can with foreign almost equal.
Innovation drive, is the key
Faced with broad prospects for development and competition in the market, in urgent need of the special cable industry out of a suitable for their own development path. In the 12th five-year plan, the state has proposed new requirements on special cable industry and support, it also provides special cable industry transformation and upgrading of the opportunity. As a representative of the cable industry of high technology, special cable driven only by innovation, science and technology leading, constantly improve product technology content and the core competitiveness of the market.
It is understood that the current domestic engaged in the special cable production enterprise, which has more than 500, although some enterprises in the province, such as henan huatai special cable, from the technology and equipment, detection means, financial strength, product performance has been able to enter the domestic advanced level, but in general, special cable industry technology level also lack of competitiveness in the world.
Technology is not top, inadequate capacity of embarrassment, also cannot ignore. With high iron and oil drilling rig as an example, the annual production capacity gap to reach tens of thousands of kilometers. At the same time, such as hot wheel, photovoltaic emerging energy technologies supporting special cable, such as production capacity is grossly inadequate. In the province of a special cable head thinks, our country special cable is different from the ordinary cable start, or younger, this also caused the lack of related professional. Open market, competitors will not handing, fill the blank, only through innovation can resist pressure under the current situation, expand the market space and enterprise competitiveness.
Special cable multinational enterprise scale, standardization of foreign experience, we also need to learn. Special cable, the secret of success lies in the technique and technology. Raw materials, has been a bottleneck restricting the development of special cable. The cable industry in our country of copper wire and cable need about 4.4 million tons, 2 million tons of aluminum. According to statistics, China's output cable has exceed $, including copper core proportion is as high as 97%. Such a huge amount of copper, copper prices bring certain support, the production cost of cable manufacturing enterprises has been high. Once the international copper prices fluctuate, often domestic production enterprises of special cable will also be affected. This needs us to find the relevant alternatives. In sharp fluctuations in copper prices today, high strength and high conductivity copper alloy as a new type of rare earth high conductivity material, and through hot rolling, solid solution treatment, cold rolling and aging process, make its comprehensive performance has reached the balance of the alloy, the conductivity, tensile strength and hardness is obviously enhanced compared with the traditional process; "Walking on two feet is better than a foot. In the special cable industry continue to maintain and develop the copper cable at the same time, the study of new materials for mass production, from raw materials after the solution of scientific and technological innovation at the same time, companies also need to be standardized.
Throughout the world leading cable companies, which holds the international standard. China special cables to win the initiative in the international competition status, obtain a bigger development, it is necessary to use the power of the collective, actively strive for the standardization of opportunity, understand and try to become a rule of the participants and policymakers. The cable together, standardization and standardization requirements subject to better fields the need for standardization of the enterprise and the cables reflect to the industry standard, promote the development of enterprise and industry, improve the competitive advantage of enterprises and industries. The prophet of enterprise operation, but also need more enterprises to participate in special cable. As long as all bulk, improve together, the development of special cable industry will be promising, spring scenery infinite! Gu.
Source: China report hall network