From China national cable network
In the next few years, China's wire and cable industry development speed will be higher than the growth of the national economy, is expected to reach more than 10%. Especially the power wire and ADSS cable average annual growth of 15%, the momentum of rapid.

In recent years, due to the power grid construction in China to speed up, uhv engineering construction in succession, which has created a huge market for wire and cable industry. In recent 15 years, wire and cable industry average annual growth of more than 15%. At present, the industry gross industrial output value of more than 400 billion yuan, more than the United States, the world's largest wire and cable producer.
At present, China's wire and cable industry in a large number of technology introduction, digestion, absorption, and on the basis of independent research and development, has formed enormous production capacity, and form a complete set of cable materials, cable equipment manufacturing has initially formed a complete system of form a complete set. Main show: large enterprises has obvious advantage in market competition, the profit ability is stronger; Small and medium-sized enterprise assets operation ability is good; Private enterprise flexible market operation mechanism, developing rapidly, especially in the coastal developed areas of wire and cable manufacturing enterprises the prominent characteristics of obvious advantages. With assets, accounted for only 15% of the state-owned economy ingredients, foreign-funded enterprises accounted for nearly 25%, while private economy composition of more than 60%. In wire and cable industry sales of the top ten enterprises, the vast majority of private enterprises, is the most important manufacturing wire and cable industry in east China area, accounting for 50% of the nation's assets and output value, form 60% of its sales, 70% of the profit and win industry.
Though the optical fiber cable industry demand, but due to the limitation of optical fiber cable product attributes, its life cycle is about 50 years, once a product updates or upgrades, demand will be significantly reduced in the late, the industry will directly go to dull, so the current China's cable industry development is very good, although but countless volume ratio for fiber optic cable has more than 100%, after capacity expansion, industry is likely to be silent. So, in the long run, the future direction of the cable industry is still a question worthy of thinking deeply.