According to Technavio submarine power cable market research report, released in 2016-2020, global submarine power cable market demand, a rate of about 5.89%. Among them, the price fluctuation of raw materials, high voltage dc cable demand and increase r&d spending is to promote stable increase in global demand submarine power cable three big emerging trend.

By 2020, the offshore wind power industry is one of the main submarine power cable terminal application market. Energy companies to increase investment and construction of submarine power cable is in order to further improve the transmission efficiency, ultimately ensure land power supply.
At the same time, global investment in renewable energy power increase, including tidal power, wave energy, sea wind power will continue to promote the market demand.
The price of raw materials
The main raw materials used in the production of power cable is aluminum and copper. Cable material itself is heavy industry, light industry and raw material price fluctuations very direct influence on cable manufacturers. As in December 2015, the price of raw materials costs accounted for nearly 85% of submarine power cable production cost.
Among them, the cost of copper and aluminum are accounted for about 50% of the total production cost. Therefore, copper, aluminum and other necessary raw material price fluctuations, plus fuel price fluctuation and energy costs of cable manufacturer sales costs and revenues are produced very big effect. Therefore, cable manufacturers try to finished products through negotiation price changes to reduce the effects of metal price volatility.
Report that, by improving finished product prices can achieve the goal of gross margin increase, in order to reduce fluctuations in the price of raw materials costs, but the premise is the finished product market demand.
High voltage dc cable sales increase
High voltage dc underground cable is a feasible choice of long distance high voltage electricity transmission. The European commission has selected 43 major energy projects to build cross-border infrastructure, in order to achieve a single energy market, improve the regional energy security. In these projects require a lot of power from a European country to another country. As a result, by 2020, the European market will become the main high voltage dc cable market demand.
In addition, light weight, low loss characteristics also makes high voltage direct current cables are more advantages than ac cable selection, especially in the bottom of the sea power market.
R&d spending increase
Report that the increase in r&d spending is to promote the future submarine power cable market demand stable growth of one big reason. The rapid growth of offshore wind power market create more opportunities for development. Different need different types of power cable alternative energy resources to achieve the stability of the power delivery.
Therefore, cable manufacturers will continue to increase spending on new cable technology, realize the geng, lower loss over long distances high-voltage electricity transmission.
Not only that, due to the competitive product homogeneity serious, cable manufacturer unceasingly increase the new product research and development, in order to keep the enterprise competitiveness.
The report also pointed out that the future development trend of submarine power cable (including high pressure/high voltage cable) :
, wet to dry insulation design, cable outer environmental conditions;
Electrical stress, low to high stress;
To the small diameter, large diameter size change;
Cable, lighter;
Destination, short to long distance delivery.
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