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In recent years, wire and cable is the famous four low industry: low threshold, low profits, low, low added value. Although some wire and cable companies began to "living quality", but to survive under the pressure, was forced to go with the flow, to reduce the quality, the pursuit of quantity, but in the fierce market competition, the inferior short in weight of the price of the product does not sell out, wire and cable enterprise profit space compression sharply, many companies lose money buying and selling, even some small wire and cable enterprises began to collapse, wire and cable competition into dead circulation, enterprise way out in where? As the national smart grid, the development of the aerospace, Marine engineering and other industries, special cable opportunities. Wire and cable enterprise development way in the special cable.

Wire and cable the profit is so low that the wire and cable industry began fizzling out, and how special cable profits?
Special cable profits: 2013 2013 2017 12 billion
Based on forward-looking industry institute released "2016-2021 China's wire and cable industry development prospects and investment strategy analysis report, according to data in nearly three years, China's special cable industry product sales profit margins are around 20%, more than 2013 national scale special cable companies around the total profit of 12 billion yuan.
From the point of profit, different scale enterprises, small businesses occupying most of the profit share, accounted for about 50%; Different enterprises, private enterprises accounted for the largest profit, in more than 50%, foreign and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan investment enterprises accounted for about 15%.
Special cable profit for the future development trend?
The influence factors of affect the industry profit scale, mainly including: sales, production cost, price, tax, etc. Proactive network special cable research report pointed out that the influence factors of special cable industry profits size is as follows:
1) sales. The future sales of special cable will presents the fast growth the tendency, predicts 2017, demand of special cable size will reach 423.479 billion yuan. Is good for special cable industry.
2) the cost of production. Is given priority to with copper raw material prices are falling, but in the short term r&d spending is still larger, so the production cost will present the rise in the near future. Is adverse to special cable industry.
Source: sohu network platform preview